How to Spot a Gremlin

Gremlins are hidden problems that wreak havoc on budgets
and schedules causing projects to stall or fail. It’s easy to spot
a project that is plagued by gremlins when you know what to
look for. Here are some of the signs that you may have a gremlin
(or gremlins) lurking in your project.

The Money Pit: If your project costs have ballooned beyond your original expectations
and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight,
a gremlin may be undermining your productivity.

The Never-ending Project: If you can’t identify precisely what needs to happen for the project
to be complete – a gremlin may be moving
the goalposts.

Analysis Paralysis: If evaluating every potential problem or solution is preventing your project from actually getting any traction, there may
be a gremlin holding you back.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings: If you keep meeting to discuss a project, rather than making progress toward completing the project – there’s likely a Gremlin in the room.

Six Year-old Soccer: When everyone is focussed on the same task – rather than playing their part toward achieving the final goal – a gremlin is playing games with you.

The Orphan: There's been an organizational change and the key people who kicked off the project have moved up or out leaving a gremlin in charge.

The Toxic Project: If the team is not working
well together, or, people are at odds with each other – a gremlin may be poisoning
your project.

Lost Without a Map: If you know where you
are headed but aren’t quite sure how to get there, a gremlin could be leading you astray.

These are just a few of the gremlins that
can cause projects to stall or fail. There are many others. Over the years, our experienced Project Consultants have seen them all.
We will put the right individual or team
in place to show you how to to recognize gremlins, root them out, and vanquish them once and for all.

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Hidden problems – permanently resolved.

Death to Gremlins are project consultants who specialize in hunting down and eliminating the hidden problems that cause projects to stall or fail. Scroll this way to meet our team »

Paul Mackenzie MBA, PMP

Known for a no nonsense project management style, Paul Mackenzie has been providing both project management and client management on multi-million dollar projects for 15+ years.

  • Extensive experience managing complex projects, with a focus
    in the last 10 years on aerospace manufacturing projects and manufacturing systems implementations
  • Typical engagements include multi-million dollar enterprise
    system implementations and project consulting for manufacturing organizations or small businesses expanding operations
  • Project experience in rail transportation, retail, construction,
    real estate, and security consulting
  • Volunteer mentor for the Project Management Institute
    and facilitator for the Project Management Advisory Council
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Simon James MBA, PMP

Simon's experience encompasses international engagements, government contracts, and providing governance and program
oversight to impossibly complex multi-million dollar engagements.

  • More than 30 years of project & program management experience, with the last 10 years operating in the C-suite level
  • Regarded as a key strategist on Project Management Office definition and setup
  • Extensive background in telecommunications, insurance,
    consumer packaged goods and heavy equipment distribution
  • Active in the local PMI chapter as a volunteer and program lead
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John Mah B COMM., PMP

John is highly regarded among both his peers and clients for his
skill in handling team conflicts and understanding of interpersonal dynamics. His keen awareness of the personal agendas, motivations and self-interests that stakeholders bring to a project makes him an invaluable member of our team.

  • A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Senior Project Manager with 17 years of project management experience
  • Experience encompassing utilities, maritime transportation, forestry, health care, IT consulting, credit union finance and higher education
  • Consistently working with CIO and VP level sponsors,
    both as a project consultant and an IT technology advisor
  • Founded the Mentorship Program for the local Project Management Institute chapter
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Sean Fitzsimmons (FITZ),

A communicator at heart – Fitz is a business development professional who enjoys building and nurturing mutually beneficial business relationships. He engages with clients at every level
of their organization from the shop floor to the executive offices.

  • An honors graduate and valedictorian of the BCIT Marketing Management program
  • Experience in a wide range of industries from transportation
    and manufacturing to software and systems integration
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Gremlins not an issue? Here are some of the other services we provide:

Hunting down and eliminating problems others can’t find is
our speciality – however – we also provide Project Management services to ensure that projects never encounter gremlins in
the first place. Project Management services we offer include:

Contract Project Management: We hand pick experienced
project staff that are the perfect fit to assist organizations
in the execution of internal projects.

Project Management Oversight: We provide oversight to complex projects that require additional control due to their importance
in an organization.

Project Management Training: We offer three core training services
that will help enable your project staff to execute projects effectively. These services include: The “Understanding Project Management” Course, On-going Training, and Mentoring.

Project Management Office (PMO) Set-up: We provide consultation with senior business management on PMO requirements and
how best to apply PMO principles & models to support the organization's business imperatives; auditing current project management processes, procedures, templates and frameworks
for the organization and making appropriate changes.

Even the best run businesses can encounter gremlins »

Gremlins can show up anywhere.

Even the best run businesses can encounter problems with projects. We’ve run projects, managed programs, provided training and rooted out gremlins for every type of organization from small business start-ups to global corporations and governments. To namedrop just a few, our clients include:

  • Finning International
  • T-Mobile International
  • Goodrich Landing Gear
  • Rogers Cablesystems
  • Telus
  • Avcorp Industries Inc.
  • Viking Air Ltd.
  • Allied Domecq
  • Canaccord Financial
  • First West Credit Union
  • WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.
  • The University of British Columbia
  • Langara College
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Rail Ltd.
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
  • Bentall
  • Wallmark Homes
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